Actionable, accessible insights for your organization or event.

Expertise and insights to use at all levels of your organization

In his time as an educator and consultant, Ben Marcovitz has learned a host of key lessons about human performance, organizational excellence, and growth. Now, Ben is sharing these lessons and insights through speaking engagements tailored to fit the current position of your organization.

With topics covering leadership, talent development, organizational culture, and more, Ben presents actionable insights, strategies, and expertise for you and your organization, showing how every individual can contribute to the move toward growth and better performance at all levels.

Improve your organization from top to bottom

Speaking engagements from Ben cover a variety of purposes and topics, including instructive speeches within each of his areas of consulting and coaching expertise. Ben’s profound set of personal experiences with parenting and schools also help with focus and power in motivational settings.

  • Executive coaching, to help leaders identify areas of personal and professional development through both performance and accountability metrics.
  • Talent development, to create radical growth in each and every member of your organization, transforming all people into your best people.
  • Organizational culture, to foster an environment in which team members meet failure head-on and both expect and celebrate growth.
  • Keynote addresses, to provide a framework and thesis for your organization, conference, or event.
  • Motivational speeches, to push your organization farther, drawing from Ben’s unique experiences both personal and professional.

Ready to learn from Ben?

To book a speaking engagement, or to learn how his expertise can transform your organization, contact him today.

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Executive Coaching

Being a leader is about having a vision and being an example for others on the way to a shared destination.

Talent Development

Get the best out of your organization by getting the best from the people within it.

Organizational Culture

Build a positive, all-in organizational culture that expects, spurs, and celebrates growth.


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