Executive Coaching

Become a true growth leader.

Effective, 1-on-1 coaching that drives results

Being a leader isn’t just about making decisions. It’s about having a vision and being an example for others to follow on the way to a shared destination.

Ben’s philosophy focuses on helping organizational leaders dramatically accelerate both their employees’ performance and their own in sustainable, systematic ways. This, in turn, contributes to growth that helps the entire organization succeed.

Why executive coaching?

Executive coaching brings many benefits, both for your organization and for you as a leader and person. In developing your leadership skill, you can more effectively foster a strong organizational culture, leading to improved performance and satisfaction among members of your organization. Executive coaching also provides an outside perspective that you may otherwise miss.

At a personal level, executive coaching can help improve your emotional intelligence, enabling you to better understand what drives both you and your team members. This leads to more effective communication and a clearer picture of your organization’s central vision.

How the coaching process works

Executive coaching from Ben Marcovitz is a truly personalized, 1-on-1 partnership. The process starts with an informal conversation and then a 360 assessment of who you are as a leader. Through intense relational work, Ben helps senior leaders to identify areas of personal and professional development, attached to both performance and accountability metrics.

Once onboard, you’ll be scheduled for weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls. However, your coaching is not limited to these calls. Ben believes that executive coaching is a continuous process, and as such there is no limit on your time with him. You simply pay an annual retainer, and his available time is yours.

Ready to grow as a leader?

Organizational growth starts with your own growth as a leader. Contact Ben today to learn more about his executive coaching services.

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