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Leadership consulting for mission-driven organizations

Ben Marcovitz learned some important lessons about human performance and organizational excellence in his time spent directing some of the most successful high schools in America. Among the most important lessons was one that he now applies every day in his business consulting efforts: when performance must accelerate, the leader is the responsible party.

Ben brings this fundamental mindset to his consulting and coaching practice, where he works with mission-driven leaders across sectors to dramatically improve organizational performance. Ben’s work begins from the notion that visionary leaders of mission-driven organizations must take explicit steps to link the boldness of their vision with the day-to-day execution that cultivates organizational excellence.

How Ben can help your organization

Ben’s organizational expertise and leadership philosophy can benefit your organization in a variety of concrete ways. Whether he is working as a coach or as a strategy consultant, Ben works with organizations to achieve key, concrete goals, often including:

  1. Identifying standout performers and their contributions.
  2. Figuring out what makes those performers so good at their jobs.
  3. Codifying the common threads across exceptional performers.
  4. Translating those commonalities into organizational values and leadership principles. 
  5. Working with senior executives and managers to cultivate those qualities across entire teams and organizations.

Who does Ben work with?

Ben’s clients are mission-driven organizations with strong products and services who want to propel themselves into durable greatness. This may include:

  • Organizations entering periods of significant growth
  • Companies who are experiencing performance plateaus after a growth spurt
  • Companies launching a new product or service that need to develop organizational metrics for performance in uncharted water
  • Organizations with charismatic leaders who want to codify unspoken values and practices

Ready for organizational excellence?

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