Organizational Culture

Create an atmosphere that celebrates growth.

Experience the benefits of a culture of high expectations

Organizational culture is actively molded and shaped by leaders in an organization. But what many forget is that culture, in turn, shapes those within it.

By working with Ben Marcovitz, you can take control of your organization’s culture and create a community of excellence: one in which responsibility is shared, struggle is met with action and zeal, where consistently accelerated performance is the norm—not only expected, but celebrated.

How Ben shapes an organizational culture

Because every organization’s culture is different, so, too are the methods for reshaping a culture into one where excellence thrives. Ben’s approach to shaping organizational culture involves a variety of analytical and diagnostic strategies, including:

  • Shadowing
  • 1-on-1s with key team members
  • Company-wide surveys
  • Listening tours
  • 360 reviews

Creating a growth community

In a growth community, the culture expects and celebrates growth at all times. The design of a growth community normalizes actions that constantly tap our potential to improve.

Ben often works to shift organizational cultures towards more effective growth through three essential processes:

  • Selection of community members, where those wishing to join the community choose growth at the door.
  • Orientation of community members, where leaders surround new members with peer exemplars of growth behaviors.
  • Constant reorientation, where leaders reveal and remark on the behaviors of community members exhibiting growth, thereby inspiring others to do the same.

Ready to reshape your culture?

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