Collegiate Academies

Helping every student achieve and grow

Collegiate Academies is a network of public high schools in Louisiana serving disadvantaged students. The purpose of Collegiate Academies is to demonstrate that all young people can achieve their goals and grow, regardless of the past.

In 2007, Ben Marcovitz founded Sci Academy, the first of the now five high schools and two post-high-school programs that fall under the umbrella of Collegiate Academies. 

Success in the face of incredible challenges

Students enrolling at Collegiate Academies are typically facing many barriers and challenges impacting their education. The vast majority are first-generation college students, many are reading multiple grade levels behind, and three-fourths come from a home where income is unstable or unreliable. As well, many students at Collegiate Academies (around 20%) have special education needs.

Despite these incredible challenges, students at Collegiate Academies see incredible successes year in and year out. Of all enrolled students, 99% graduate with an acceptance to either a 2- or 4-year college or university. 

A culture of student-centric growth and learning

The success of Collegiate Academies starts with a strong adult culture, in which teachers are driven to view challenges as opportunities to find solutions. Teachers in this program are not only leaders but innovators. They constantly drive new programs across schools in the organization and, above all, embody the belief that all children can learn, grow, and achieve great things—regardless of their background. 

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